Effective Solutions

Our R&D department has produced more than 1300 formulations for products of different categories:
lubricants and greases, paints, graffiti paints, cleaning, car care, welding, galvanizing products and biocidal products.









Our brands


The manufactoring process

Strict and controlled production process. Search for the best raw materials, formula development, extensive product testing and analysis, and batch validation.

Search for the best raw materials

Search for the best raw materials

Formulation development in the laboratory

Formulation development in the laboratory

Product and result testing and analysis

Product and result testing and analysis

Batch validation before distribution

Batch validation before distribution


The path to sustainable development

1990 - 2017

In 1990 Ambro-Sol was founded, a company specialized in the production, bottling and industrial distribution of chemicals and aerosols. With production and distribution steadily increasing, in 2015 Ambro-Sol founded the first subsidiary: Ambro-Sol Polonia. A few months later, in September, the Spanish branch was founded too. In 2017 the third European subsidiary, Ambro-Sol France, was founded and after a few months Ambro-Sol USA, the first overseas subsidiary.

2018 - 2022

In 2018 the company became one of the most advanced facilities in the European aerosol industry, in terms of technology and safety. In 2021 the Ambrosini family believed in the urgency of sustainable development and changed the legal form from a company for profit to a Benefit Company. In October 2022 Ambro-Sol obtained the B Corp certification. In the same period, the company obtained permanent authorization from the Italian Ministry of Health for PMC (Surgical Medical Device) products.

2023 - Future

Between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 Cliosol was born, the holding company that includes all the brands of the Ambrosini family. The company develops in new markets and consolidates its position in terms of market and sustainability. In the first months of 2024 it is planned to open a foundation that will allow the company to operate in the field of environmental research projects and safeguard the territory.


Cliosol in the world


110 countries of export

With our 5 overseas branches, we are present in more than 110 countries with fast and efficient service. This allows us to meet the needs of our customers while ensuring the highest quality.


5 branches of property

Our philosophy of proximity at customer guides us in building production sites and branches in Europe and USA to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers around the world.


6 Brands

From the solidity and historicity of a company are born another 5 brands for the production of aerosol spray products: technicians, graffiti paints, biocidal products and an always expanding catalog.


+ 1300 formulations

Cliosol’s innovative production facilities represent one of the most advanced facilities in Europe in the aerosol industry, offering cutting-edge technology and high safety standards.


For people, community and environment

The vision of the company looks to the future to grow in a logic of sustainable development. To develop a strategic approach to sustainability, Ambro-Sol has taken the UN’s 2030 Agenda as its reference framework.



Overall B Impact Score

Based on the B Impact assessment, Ambro-Sol S.r.l. SB earned an overall score of 85.5. The median score for ordinary businesses is currently 50.9.

Cliosol wants to confirm and consolidate its role as a European reference in the production and distribution of aerosol products for DIY and industry, favoring a positive impact on society. The slogan “Your Factory of Aerosol” of our main company refers to the industrial but also family dimension, typically the bearer of social, environmental and economic objectives while respecting relations with all stakeholders. A company at the service of the customer with eco-sustainable innovations and high quality products “Made in Italy”, keeping intact the values of over 30 years of history.

We would like to be a cultural point of reference and excellence in the aerosol industry at a global level and at the same time foster relations with local partners in total respect for people and the environment.
A company focused on the constant search for innovation that offers the best products, supporting people in their work, in their hobbies and in all their creative moments, helping them to keep in perfect condition their most expensive goods. Promoters of the culture of recycling and regeneration with high standards of quality, safety and reliability.